It certainly isn’t easy trying to choose the correct and best web hosting plan to best suit your needs. Even though there are so many web-hosting companies out there to choose from, some thought and careful consideration should be implemented. Two things you do not want are:

You don’t want to end up having to pay for extra features that you realise afterwards you needed.

You don’t want your website showing an error page on the Internet due to excessive downtime by your hosting providers servers.

When choosing your web host you also need to consider what your requirements are, and will be in the future. You will need to carefully consider:

How many websites will you need? Or how many are you going to need?

How much disk space and bandwidth do you need?

What extras will you need eg email with auto-responders included?

How much do you want to spend on web hosting?

You should try and compare at least 5 Website hosting providers to see what they are offering. Here is a list of some qualities you should look for:

A reasonable price for your needs: Look for an affordable monthly fee with what you consider high value.

Disk space and Bandwidth allowance: Is your site or sites going to have audio, video or much downloadable material?

How Many Domains: Look for unlimited domains included.

Sub Domains: Again, look for unlimited.

Does it have an in-built Website Builder? Comes in very handy if you don’t know much about building websites or HTML.

24/7 email and phone support: This is important. Not everyone has this.

At least a 99.5% uptime 99.9% is best. What good is a host to you if they are constantly offline?

Free set-up, no hidden charges.

Unlimited email accounts allowed. Unlimited is great but at least 20 should suffice.

FTP accounts.

Auto-responders included, you don’t want to pay extra to add on an auto-responder later. This happens a lot. Look for it as part of the package.

Compare all other the special features even though you think you don’t need them or you don’t know what they are. Features like:



Streaming Audio and Video.

Hotlink protection.

Web stats.

When choosing a web host it is important that you take your time to compare hosting plans before you make your decision. There are some so-called web hosts out there that are absolutely useless at web hosting, remember that anyone can become a web host. Your best bet is to go with a company that has been around a few years. You could do a search for online reviews on the company you are considering.

If you are considering a new web host I would recommend you include the below link hostgator.bloggers-guide in your list of 5 web hosts to compare. Visit the link below. Go to WEBHOSTING Take a look at the plans and when you make the comparison you’ll find that they will come out on top.