Yesterday, it was a cool evening and I was out shopping for some computer stuffs when my wife called me up on my cellphone. Well, I didn’t really hear the ringing sound as I was in a crowded mall shopping frantically for a Mini-SD card for my new PDA phone. Some of you may have guessed it, I noticed the missed call only when I was trying to insert my new SD cards into the PDA phone.

So I called her back, and she replied,” My mom caught a naked man in the(maid’s) room!”.

“Huh? What did you say?”, I asked again because I was near the entrance of the mall and it was noisy.

“My mom caught a naked man in the(maid’s) room, and I am going to call the Cops!”, she replied.

I was shocked for a moment.


You can close your mouth now. Some of you may be thinking why is there a need to call the Cops over small issues like this.. The fact is that whatever they did there is really NOAB (none]]> of anybody’s business), but the problem is WHERE they were doing whatever they did. So what did they do?

What do you expect a naked man to have done inside a lady’s (maid’s) room, other than some monkey business.

monkey business

So there is a punishment for every crime possible on earth, including such adulterous act and especially in the wrong place. While there are many ways a criminal can be punished, the most likely case is when the monkeys are put behind the bars so as to stop them from doing whatever they did again.

monkey behind bars picture

I did not find out what happened after the Cops came, or whether “whatever” they did was a crime that justify a prison sentence or some police interrogation.

But one thing is for sure. Any scammers caught monkeying around and cheating other people’s money will sure end up in jail.