Now that all my articles are “back to the future” (from 1969 – 2008), we can continue to update our website soon.

When we search the web and read our site submissions, we thought that the scam industry is not going to shrink any time sooner. In fact, it has grown exponentially with the internet since 1995. With the help of the internet, scams are thrown out like a “fishing net”.

But unlike a normal “fishing net”, there are not many that would fall into the trap easily. An experienced “fish” and well-informed “fish” will know how to stay away and evade scams. It is as easy as walking away from any proposed deal that sounds too good to be true.

The longer someone looks at the bait, the more dangerous it becomes. Most people,]]> even experienced, are careful initially. Checkout the Hustler series, one of the property developer even went to the extent of tape recording any conversation with “potential scammers” offering a deal that sounds too good to be true. Then when the “smarter” scammer comes in, he would twist and turn the “bait” to make it look so good, and provide “false evidence” to show that it is “real”.

The key is knowledge and experience. Normally people learn from their past lessons never to get bitten twice. However, that is also what the scammers aim to exploit. They don’t care about those who already know. They just need to fish out the few that doesn’t.

We will resume our update of this website during the weekends. In the meantime, please go ahead and comment on the scams like the others.