Always becareful when signing up for free trials. Scammers may use this to get you into a “paid monthly subscription”, and one that is difficult to get out.

People who visited one of the many web sites running this scam were promised free trial supplies of the product — which, by the way, has never been proven to fulfill extravagant weight-loss claims.
However, hidden deep in the mouse print of the agreement was a clause that enrolled them in a very expensive, open-ended monthly resupply program. Customers attempting to reach the company to stop the orders when they realized the true cost of the ‘free’ products had a hard time reaching company representatives. No surprise there.

To file a claim, you must contact the Arizona Attorney General’s office by Monday, August 17th. The office can be reached at 602-542-5763 or 800-352-8431 or by email at consumerinfo@azag.gov.

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