Last year, a 77-year old lady lost $14,000 to an “architect” whom she met at Yahoo! Personals. She communicated with him solely on email, and fell in love with this scammer who claimed to work in New York. In Oct 08, the scammer mailed her saying that he flew to Nigeria and was robbed by armed robbers. Within a 10-day period, he convinced the old lady to send him up to $14,000 in cash to help him return to US.

When the scammer informed her that he will be flying back to New York this month, she informed the police about the scam. The police suspected that the scammer has lied about the return trip.

It is obvious that the scammer was Never in New York. He has been communicating with the lady right from his home in Nigeria. If you ever hear anything (anything…) about Nigeria in whatever you are doing, think of it as a scam.

Nigeria = Scam