]]>Surprise! This video is created by 2 scammers after they were tricked by a scambaiter from 419Eater.com. As usual, the scammer portray that he is a rich man dying of cancer, and he wanted to distribute his “wealth” before he dies. Quite a normal 419 (advanced fee fraud) scam per se, but the problem is that their ‘victim’ is a scambaiter, who is experienced in such scams and will counter the scammers by wasting their time and resources.

In this case, the scambaiter ‘Scam the Scammers’ (what a phrase) into believing that he is a CEO of a video production firm. So, our ‘CEO’ is giving out scholarships to people who can provide a sample footage of themselves acting out scenes of famous TV programs. The scammers were tricked into believing that the offer is real, and went ahead to film themselves in a replay of a scene from the British comedy show, Monty Python (early 70s).

The audio isn’t quite clear, but I don’t think you need to hear much… lmao. We are very sure that they (scammers) did not qualify for the scholarship.