Someone registered this domain name williamleng.com on Jan 28, 2010, which is only 2 days ago. Then he started sending out a 419 scam mail.

And he gave the wrong email address.

—– Attached —–

Good day friend. am Barrister Williams Leng (Esq) a legal practitioner, practicing with LL Advocates & Solicitors ( Malaysia ). It is understandable for you to grow apprehensive reading from me today since there was no previous communication between us on the hereto contained subject matter. However, I humbly employ you to carefully read and give attention to matter hereunder contained.  
A deceased client of my Law firm had some fixed deposits in one of the financial institutions here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia before his demise in 2001.
Upon maturity legal responsibilities, the bank has requested that I present the Next of Kin/beneficiary to the Estate as failure will apply confiscation of benefits and subsequently escheatment of the Estate to the Malaysian Government.

Given my failure to locate the existing family members of the deceased, I resolved to search for anyone who bears the same surname with the deceased so I can present him/her to the bank as the beneficiary after procuring necessary legal documents that endow him legal rights to benefits Estate hence I have contacted you.

I am of the settled conviction that using my position, working with you, since you have the same last name with the deceased, that we will without strive secure the estate funds for our use or better still invest it into any business that may benefit you, my self and humanity instead of allowing it being confiscated by the Malaysian government.
Please, kindly be informed that all procedure for which I have resolved to execute this transfer is legally applicable.
Further, there absolutely will be no risk involved in the matter since the entire process will be attained legitimately and honorably in accordance with legal provisions.
With my years of experience in legal field and my careful study on the matter, I can confidently assure you 100% (without risk) feasibility of the transaction.  
I have seized all relevant information (legal and Banking) that will facilitate putting you forward as the beneficiary, and ultimately, transfer the funds to you. Be assured that I am on top of the situation all the time.  
Needless to say, CONFIDENTIALITY is of vital importance if we are to successfully reap the immense benefits of this transaction. I have intentionally left out the finer details for now until I hear from you.please do give me your reply via my private email:mail.williamleng.com  Truly Yours

Barrister A. W. Leng Esq