This is a crazy and stupid scam story about a scammer who found
$48million in his cab after dropping off a “rich customer”. He even
tested the “money” at a local supermarket to confirm that the money is

Guess what is next? If he is an “Angel” and wish to return the money to the “customer”, he could have sent the bag to the police station. Instead of doing that, or just to keep the money, he is offering the money to YOU and other strangers online.

Would you do the same if you are the taxi driver and found $48million suddenly out from no where?

This scammer is a moron.

——-Original Message——-


Date: 11/04/2009 6:32:51 PM

Subject: I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!



Dear beloved,

This communication to you is strictly confidential, with due
respect, sorry at this perceived confusion or stress you may have
receiving this letter from me, since we have not known or meet each
other before and previously.

Despite that, I am constrained to write you this letter because of
the urgency and by way of self introduction., I am Mensah nana a taxi
driver at the international air port Accra Ghana.

Your contact information was discover through an Internet search
for a humble honest religious business partner who can assist to invest
a lost but a found luggage content some funds and belonging to a
customer that chartered my taxi on his last visit seven month ago.

All effort to locate him proved abortive due to we are unable to
exchange contact during his stay because he don’t like talking to
anybody except reading map taking pictures and swimmming in the pool
24hrs without communicating with any one than receiving phone calls .

To my greatest surprise on the faithful day that he is willing to
go back to his country he asked me (WHAT IS YOUR NAME AM TIRED OF
CALLING YOU DIRVER) and i replied him my name is Mensah nana and he
laughed and say what a good name, my name is John Edward from Canada he
replied and i said thanks he also say thanks and he gave me $1000USD
for my service.

I drove him straight to the airport same night and he boarded a
flight back to Canada. a  day later i took my car “the taxi” to a car
wash and when opening the boot, i discover a luggage belonging to Mr.
John Edward, i rush down to his hotel to ask for his contact from the
reception of the hotel were he lodged, but his contact was not found

So i decide to take the luggage to the Airport Taxi Union
Transport Committee Accra[A.T.U.T.C.A], But when i opened the luggage,
I discover huge amount of money worth ($48,000.000.00) Forty Eight
Million United State Dollars.

Regarding the new development, I decided to carry the luggage to
my house to cross check the money carefully and confirm if they are
real money. After counting and confirm they are real money i pick the
sum of $1,500 and gave it to my wife for test either in a bank or super
market for confirmation  to make sure it is not fake money.

After we both confirm the money is good, me and my wife change
mind and decide to carry  the  money  to a security safe keeping
company called Fund protection security company and registered it as
Object pressure’s till we will be able to locate Mr. John Edward, so i
deposited the money as a property to my master in overseas.

Up till this moment you are reading from me, i have never come
across Mr. John Edward and the hotel never inform me of any Canadian
looking for his moneys, so we decided to invest this money with another
foreigner in any foreign country of his/her choice.

Practically there are no risk involve in this matter because the
money does not concerned anybody or government,  you will act as my
master and the owner of the money, and i will like you to come down
here so that i will present you to the security company peoples as my
master and the owner of the property.

I hope you would gained some confidence and I will travel to your
country to make a better deal with you and to gain some confidence of
your self been, visit your facilities and establish a long term
relationship..Please let me know what you think about this proposal. Or
please suggest something different to all my proposed above .

For your support and total dedication to realize the objectives of
this offer, you shall be entitled to 20% of the total sum while 80% of
the fund belongs to the proposed investment’s of your choice and my
family..Once you are interested in this confidential transaction please
let me have your response as quickly as possible and indicate your
phone number to call you for a brief discussion.

Kindly treat this matter Absolutely confidential because as you
are reading from now, i am still in service and i was intending to
resign my appointment immediately these transaction is finalized.

I look forward to hearing positively from you while further details will be given as soon as I get your response.

Thanks for your kind attention to this matter and I hope to see you in my country very soonest.


Mensah Nana

Air Port Taxi Driver

Accra Ghana