This scammer impersonates as a “former employee” of Gome Electrical Appliances Holding Limited (HK). The story in this email is fake and whatever is offered has nothing to do with the real company. The name used in this scam mail is also fake. Scammers screen names of employees from company websites and use their names to send out scam mails such as these. Do not be fooled by any emails that promises you large sum of funds. Before you see any money (and you never will), you will be asked to pay for some fees. And as long as you show them that you still believe in the scam, they will milk your bank account – Dry.

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: kwongyu.wong@live.com
 Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 13:50:44 +0000

 30th January, 2010


 I did not want to solicit for this assistance but I had to because if I do not, so much will be lost. There is a lot at stake here and I am confident that we could be beneficial to each other. My name is Mr. Wong Kwong Yu a former employee of Gome Electrical Appliances Holding Limited, Hong Kong, China.

 I personally handled financial transactions of Gome. I was also very aware of the manipulation of the prices of shares the company got involved in which has made its founder to resign. However, during the heat of the crisis of share price manipulation and the board room problems thereafter I was able to move from the company 51,000,000USD into a safe financial institution.

 The money is in a safe account and will be released to you if you show your desire to assist me receive the money above. I cannot access the money because there is an eye on me because of my sudden resignation from the company hence the money is not in my name for safety and security reasons.

 Nevertheless I want to assure you that if you want to be part of this I will commission a lawyer that will process the legal works for you to be able to receive the money. The process is not tedious but easy, not only that, it will also be very transparent, however you should keep it between the two of us and that is all. A probability of one is the assurance of success from me to you

 Once your interest in this is confirmed I shall inform you of the process. I will explain to you in full, steps that will be taking by the lawyer and which would be needed by you to receive the 51, 000, 000USD.

 All I need from you to confirm your willingness to be part of this are a reconfirmation of your Name, Age, Home Address, Telephone Number and Your Fax Number. When this is received from you, I will then get back to you with the details and the process primary to you receiving the money above will commence.


 Wong Kwong Yu.