What has a HSBC Bank Auditor gotta do with Saddam Hussein?

Oh! He found the lost treasure of the great Saddam (found by 2 soldiers in 2004).

But WAIT, he has transferred the box to NIGERIA.

Of all places, WHY NIGERIA?

Because this fella is a goddarn 419 scammer!

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Hsbc Bank Auditor <don.heightt@hsbc.co.uk>

Date: 2009/4/16

Subject: Business Proposal

Compliments of the day to you,

My name is Donald Height, I am a HSBC Bank External Auditor; I was

invited by the United Nation Financial Committee to Audit Helima

Security Storage Company in Bagdad (IRAQ). Prior to my Investigation I

discovered that in 2004 two U.S soldiers from the 3rd Infantry

Division deposited a box Seized from an unknown Top Saddam Hussein’s

aide with the company during the war. Both soldiers died on active

Service, since then no one has come forward to claim this Box. This

Box contains USD$13.8 million USD (Thirteen Million, Eight Hundred

Thousand United State Dollars).

I have used my Position to move this Box to a HSBC Affiliate bank in

Africa (Nigeria), to be delivered to United Arab Emirate (Dubai), any

designation of your choice or fund transferred into any nominated bank

account as we may agree; I did not let them know the content of the

box. I deposited it as a family treasure kept for security reasons. As

a staff I cannot lay Claim to this Box (Money), but I can instruct

that the box be delivered or transferred to you by Diplomatic means as

the original depositor.

I got your Contact from your Local Directory while searching for a

reliable, trustworthy and God fearing fellow to Assist and Partner

with me to claim this Box. This will not involve any risk; as a staff

of this Bank I will facilitate the easy release and hitch-free claim

of this Box (Fund)

While replying, kindly include the following Information’s:

Full Name:

Mobile Cell phone:





I will give you more details and what next step to take, I am ready to

go 50/50 Sharing ratio with you on the receipt of your consent.

Anxiously anticipating your prompt response.

Yours sincerely,

Donald Height