Just received another report of latest money-transfer scam, using South Africa as their “virtual base”. The
story goes that a rich miner and geologists working at “Kruger Mining Company” passed
away in 1995 due to severe cardiac arrest, leaving nobody as the kin.
The money cannot be transferred locally, so that have chosen “YOU” – a
foreigner – to pick it up. That is very nice, indeed.

A quick search on the internet shows that “Kruger Mining” appears to existing. However, further investigation is required to ascertain if the man in the mail really has anything to do with this company and why he has so much money. btw, this is 100% a scam.

If the scammer is reading this, I think you need to learn how to convert large numbers into words:

$25,700,000 is not twenty-five million and seven hundred dollars.
$25,700,000 is twenty-five million and seven hundred thousand dollars.

Try to make it a round figure so that it is easy for scam reporters like us.

The best part of the stupid story is that there is a need for any foreign receipient with proof as a beneficiary, but they never explain how the problem can be solved. This is one of the potential areas which may they may require a scammee (potential scam victim) to pay or fork out a large sum of say, a few hundred thousand, dollars just for some fake documentary proof, etc. With  $25.7 million dollars in reward, what is $0.1million… yeah provided the $25,7 million is real, dream on.

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From: William Dumisan [mailto:william_dumisan04@hotmail.com]
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Subject: Dear Friend.

From: William C. Dumisan
Chief Internal Auditor (Absa Bank)
Telephone: + 27 73 553 7068
Private Email:william_dumisan2006@yahoo.com


Compliments of the day to you. Obviously this message might come as a surprise to you, but please consider it as a high priority issue, which will definitely change our destiny.

I am William C. Dumisan, The Chief Internal Auditor for the Amalgamated Bank of South Africa (ABSA BANK) for duration of 16 years now, with about 10 months left for an over-due retirement.

There is a Draft Account opened in this bank in 1992 by longtime client of mine Mr. Smith Andre, who was a foreigner and a miner at Kruger Mining Company, he was also a geologist for several other mining conglomerates in Africa, before he passed away in 1995 due to severe cardiac arrest in a South Africa Hospital, leaving nobody as the next of kin or beneficiary of the money after his death. As his financial auditor before his death, I am fully aware of every details of his account from 1992-2006. As a matter of fact the amount in this account is currently Twenty-Five Million Seven Hundred United States Dollars (US$25,700,000.00) waiting to be approved for immediate payment by the bank to any foreign account holder with proof of Andre Smith beneficiary and next of kin.
In other words No withdrawal or deposit has been made since 1994 to date into this account.

I am contacting as foreigner because this money cannot be approved for payment into a local account, but can only be approved for a foreign account because it was insured and there is clause in the depository agreement by the Bank and Mr. Smith Andre which states that on No condition can any local withdrawal be made from this account unless the money is transfer into a foreign account. In effect withdrawals can be made only when the money has transferred from the vaults of the bank to a foreign bank account.

If you are willing and capable of handling such amount in strict confidence and trust according to my instructions and advice for our mutual benefits, because this opportunity will never come my way again. I will use my position and influence to effect legal approvals and onward transfer of this money into your nominated overseas bank account with the appropriate clearance certificate from the Ministries and Foreign Exchange Department.

I will physically be in your country for Sharing as soon as you confirmed the money in your bank account, but agreement will be signed by both parties concerning the sharing modalities to avoid misunderstandings.

Endeavor to contact me immediately through my private email address, whether or not you are interested in this deal. Within two weeks I am 100% sure and confident our lives could change forever. Please note that secrecy and confidentiality is of paramount importance for and effective and successful completion of this major transaction. Please keep this secret.

Your Friend

William C. Dumisan