One of the most common types of emails to be sent as spam includes those that have a pornographic and sexual nature to them. These emails are usually sent to thousands of people each day, including teens and children. Some of the pornographic emails are illusive to what can be had by clicking a link while others promptly display images of sexual related actions right in the email. In either case, both are dangerous and both should be worrisome to anyone that gets them.

The Obvious Problem

Spam is commonly sent to many people and those groups of emails can be anyone from the elderly, the guy working, the teen after school or even the elementary student whose parents are not providing proper email blockage for them.

The obvious problem with pornographic and sexually natured emails is that they get into the hands of the wrong person. Children including teens can and do receive it.

Beyond This: The Workplace

Consider your work email account that you use daily. Should sexually explicit emails be sent through your work account, they could in fact be considered harassment. That can lead to numerous problems. Should an email with pornographic images be clicked on and this type of material downloaded onto the work related computer, there could be countless legal liability problems for the business.

As an employer, it is your job to protect your employees from this type of harassment. Some companies have even been prosecuted for not doing so.

Even Worse: The Computer

Many of the spam emails you’ll get that include pornographic images are actually filled with spyware, adware, malware and commonly viruses. Some are simple advertisements to get you to the sexually natured website, but this is rare and usually the result is one click downloads or drive by downloads that get your computer filled with viruses and spyware, costing you hundreds of dollars to remove them.

As you can see, spam that contains pornographic images is often some of the most malicious on the web. Exploiting all types of acts, even those that involve children or abuse, these emails are quite vulgar and disruptive.

On top of harming your senses and insulting, they are also some of the most dangerous forms of spam as they continuously have viruses and spyware attached to them.

Pornographic spam is some of the worst types you can get. Protecting from it is hard to do, too. That makes it even harder to rein it in.