The new blogger version (no. 2) lost the “beta”.

On 14 August 2006, Blogger launched its latest version in beta, codenamed Invader, alongside the gold release. This migrated users to Google servers, as well including some new features. In December 2006, this new version of Blogger was taken out of beta.

Currently, it requires a Google account, and offers more advanced features; however, one can still use the previous version if desired

New features (pluses) of blogger version 2.

1. Easy customize your templates by using a drag and drop function

2. You can create a private blog to share your thoughts with just family and friends

3. More feed options you can have a feed for all the comments on your blog, and even individual feeds for all the comments on each separate post. Support for the RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 standards.

4. Updated Dashboard even more easy to use.

Let us analyze the new blogger features:

1. The easy templates customization is welcome, because blogger competitors like WordPress were using a large number of customizable templates.

2. The private blog was necessary for people who want to keep their blog away from public eyes.

3. New feed are for advanced users. The most part of blogger users will not even notice this change

4. The dashboard was easy to use in the version no.1. I didn’t saw a big difference in version 2, but it looks better.

Enough with the good part. Let’s see the minus of blogger ver.2.

I talked about the pluses of the new version, but Blogger was a big problem: It Is Very Slow.

Version 1 was at leas twice faster that no. 2.

So don’t aspect to move very fast with new blogger.

Some Blogger users were irritated that in order to upgrade to the new Blogger service (which has new features and more reliability) a user would have to create a Google Account.

To get started with the new version of blogger go to blogger.com and choose from the right corner “New Blogger”.

Of course if you don’t like the new version for your blog you can switch back to the older version. For now.

The new version of Blogger requires a Google Account to access your blog’s features.

The old version of blogger will not be around for long.

Google wants to move every one on the new version.

On buzz.blogger.com the blog for Blogger on 4 may 2007 it was published a post with the title Old Blogger is dead! Long live Blogger!

The post said “Today at Blogger HQ we accomplished one of our most significant milestones ever: we changed old Blogger’s monitoring from “page us when it goes down” to “page us if it comes back to life in a horrifying, zombie state.””

So we must accept the slow death of old blogger version.

A little Blogger history

Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs in August 1999.

In February 2003, Pyra Labs was acquired by Google.

On May 2004, Blogger introduced a major redesign, adding features including CSS-compliant templates, individual archive pages for posts, comments, and posting by email.

Blogger redesign in 2006. All blogs associated with a user’s Google Account are located on Google servers. The service is now claimed to be more reliable, due to the quality of the servers. Along with the migration to Google servers, several new features were introduced, including label organization, a drag-and-drop template editing interface, reading permissions (to create private blogs) and new Web feed options.