We received this forwarded 419 scam mail… and though the reply could be stronger, we wished he had screwed them harder. btw, I wouldn’t recommend replying to the scammers… at all. There is no reason to waste time with them unless you are screwing them *oops*

The country code 228 of the scammer is Togo, West Africa.

— Forwarded —

To: jeff henry
Subject: RE: I Need Your Assurance

you must think i am a moron to think for the amount of money you are suggesting
, a legal and human contact would confer legitimacy . b..If you think i
will agree or fill out any  forms without my legal representation
consent . lol you produce proof and then and only then wouldn’t phone a
factious number or believe any email from lawyer when prior letter  had
simple words like great spelt grate


I Need Your Assurance



for your email and all the contents is well noted, the bank will process
your claim in line with the financial and allied matters law as it relates to


The law stipulates that where a deceased person do not give instructions on who
will inherit his/her estate, the next of kin status will be determined by
information stored in the security file jacket of the deceased with the
bank.The bank will send an official questionnaire to you to verify your claim.I
will give you all the information that will make the bank approve your
application and release the funds to you.


I appreciate your interest to claim the funds and will work closely with you
for the successful conclusion of the claim.Trust, sincerity and Confidentiality
is very important in this transaction considering the amount of money involved.
Money matters require absolute trust,sincerity and confidentiality for the
security of both parties involved.


I am concerned about the safety of the funds when it is transferred to your

The total sum of USD15.5M will be transferred to your account.You will be
entitled to 35% of the total funds, 30% will be used to finish Mr. XXXXXXX
‘s charity foundation project while i will earn 35% for my services.
require that you assure me that you will release both my share and the share
for charity foundation when the funds is transferred to your account and i come
to your country for the sharing/disbursement of the funds.


I need to get your assurance before i send the application form  you will
fill in and send to the bank.


You can reach me at the office on +228-991-51-76  between 7hrs gmt in the
morning to 18hrs gmt in the evening monday to friday.
Note that my country code
is 228


I await your call or email.



Jeff  Henry   Esq…