We received this message from James regarding several lottery scam mail he received. The scammers were trying to charge him for the “delivery fees” in this case.

I received a total of 6 emails [british lottery
lottery company, po box 789, harrogate, hg12yr, winnings were £500,000
from the 1st email to the 6th. You are
taken through the various steps to payment delivery info. The emails came
from yahoo awards

The delivery costs were
24hrs £576, 4 days £466, & 7 days
£437 each email had a
different name & address. Thanks to your info i gratefully declined
their offer.

They can also charge other fees such as legal fees, transfer fees,
processing fees, and whatever they can think of that might be “a logical
barrier” between you and the fake winnings. What they want is to make
you believe and give your money to “clear that fake barrier“.

So do not think that anything fees other than delivery fees are real.

James – thanks for the info.