Is it possible to predict lottery numbers? We doubt so. If any psychic
can consistently predict lottery numbers correctly, he/she will be the
richest person on earth.

We are quite sure that none of the Billionaires at Forbes make their
fortune by predicting lottery numbers. However, we scourged the web and
found some sites about such predictions. Our search is not exhaustive at this point, but we thought that it would be great to share some of our findings.

Firstly, is there a psychic method which can help to locate the 6 winning numbers in a lottery? We found an article where the author claims that she is able to predict the numbers and win consistently. She might not have won the first prize, but she claimed to be able to find the numbers using the method. A summary of the method:

1) Find a quiet and dark place where you can concentrate (and possibly still see things around you).
2) Write the numbers 1 – 49 (or the numbers for your local lottery) on a piece of paper.
3) Cut out the numbers and shuffle them faced down.
4) Place the papers in a matrix, e.g. 7 x 7 square.
5) Make a pendulum by tying a ball or heavy object to a string.
6) Place the pendulum over the first piece of paper. If the ball or heavy object starts to spin, take the paper out from the matrix and put aside. After you have tried all the 49 pieces of paper, you “should” have picked 6 numbers.
7) While placing the pendulum over each piece of paper, the author says that you must focus on the lottery, esp. the lottery balls.

We have not tried the above method and we are not sure if it works. You might like to find out more at the website here.

Next, we found another website where the author claims that he has dreamed about the lottery numbers. The website can be found here:

We are not sure if that is real. But we found an analysis of the posting at the above URL, here:

The author of the forum thread tested the server where the pictures were hosted and found that the image was taken “after” the lottery numbers were drawn. We are not an expert in verifying if the dreams are real, or the accuracy of the analysis that the lottery dream is a scam. You might like to take a look at the site and decide for yourself.

We are still checking out other sites and articles regarding this, and will update this article if we found anything interesting.