There is this email running around with an attachment teaching how to
make money using viral marketing techniques selling nothing. It is like one of those “get rich quick”, or if they didn’t say you are
going to be rich, then it is a “earn quick money” using a matrix or
pyramid system. There can be many variations of a pyramid system, and they would only differ in the way the system is being presented. In most of these “get rich quick” or “earn easy or quick money” deals,
you will notice that they have very very long pages trying to tell you
the effectiveness and results of the deal.

While the answers that you are trying to seek, the primary concern, or
the core of that bloody business is all about, is hidden somewhere deep
within the long pages. So by the time you read that core business crap (which is what this
whole bloody page is all about), you will be so worn-out by those
“easy”, “effective”, “fast results”, “sure to work”, “exciting” and
blah blah sales pitches, that your mind is probably no longer in the
logical mood to analyse the truth behind the whole deal.

Notwithstanding that such a sales technique is not really a bad thing
and works for some genuine products, others would use it to market
nothing more than a mild Ponzi or a Pyramid system in disguise.

Although I do not claim to be good in English, I think my words above
are easier to read than those long long long pages of crap and
bull-shits, which at the core is a Ponzi or Pyramid system.

Before you email me to ask if this is legal or a scam, note that is is against the Paypal Policy to use it for Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid and Matrix Programs

Link to PayPal Acceptable Use Policy – MLM, Pyramid, Matrix

(P.S. Any mentions about any company or attachments herein, is NOT an invitation or recommendation to engage and pursue. We are not liable for any losses for you use of our articles and attachments. They are included here just for sharing our thoughts and opinions.)

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