We received this email report from a visitor about some email transactions in a Yahoo Award scam.

The funniest thing in the mails is the email address and the URL of the bank.

The website URL (supposed to be Standard Chartered) contains a DOT (.) after the “stand”.

And the email address of the bank is “@ardchartered.com

This scammer is so darn stupid.

From: info@ardchartered.com <info@ardchartered.com>
Date: Friday, April 17, 2009, 1:27 PM


Consequently upon the final release of your check payment directly to you
, the Telex/Cable Device office of Exchange Control Department to you
under Foreign Payment Act as amended, Standard Chartered International
Bank United Kingdom wishes to inform you that in accordance with the
foreign Exchange banking regulation as related, you are required to pay
(£688.00) for authorization of your funds release approval order and
courier service. In order to enable the Forex Department effectively
release your check.

Upon confirmation of receipt of payment of the above, the Forex Department
Of Standard Chartered International Bank shall release your transfer check
within 24hrs.Note that your payment is bonded with its insurance cover and
cannot be deducted. For further clarification you are advised to contact
the officer in charge. Your urgent response will enable us serve
you better. Should you need additional information, contact the Manager
online banking services.

Mr. Douglas Donald
Manager-Online Banking Department
Standard Chartered International Banking
United Kingdom
Tel: + 447031826395
Fax: + 44 7092842248

> As I’m very wary of internet scams, I’d rather you sent me a
check. You
> ARE a real lottery, correct? You DO have access to real funds and a real
> bank, right? You CAN send me a check, yeah? If you can’t send me a
> then I can’t believe you’re real. Thanks anyway.
> — On Fri, 4/17/09, info@ardchartered.com <info@ardchartered.com>
> From: info@ardchartered.com <info@ardchartered.com>
> To: “XXXXXXX” <mischa_tiff@yahoo.com>
> Date: Friday, April 17, 2009, 1:11 PM
>                       PAYMENT NOTIFICATION
> we have received information on your funds transfer of (£480, 000, 00.)
> with our bank and with you as original Beneficiary of the funds. Our bank
> has started internal process on your Transfer, with a letter of
> Application for Foreign Exchange Allocation Forwarded to Telex/Cable
> Device office of our bank in your favor. We therefore await approval from
> the above department before we can commerce Process transfer of your
> funds. Payment of the above funds will be done upon beneficiaries
> Compliance with our foreign payment procedures.
> Consequently, you are strongly advised to login into our official
> Website:( http://stand.ardchartered.com/) on the first page click login
> now, and follow the instruction carefully and fill the form for your
> online account opening and submit with your information fill in, we can
> then confirm your information and open online account on your name with
> zero pounds and send you the user name and password to access your online
> account and before your payment will be credited in, you have to activate
> your account within 14 working days, as soon as your account is activated
> your payment will be credited in without any delay, then you can be able
> to make a transfer by yourself to any account you wish to transfer the
> money in the world.
> We normally advised our costumers to make the transfer through our online
> facilities, it is very safe and no risk involved, you are required to
> abide on our banking rules and regulations as our office will not be held
> responsible should your funds is transferred to a wrong beneficiary
> account. We apologize for any delay associated with your funds release, as
> we hope to serve you better. Should you need additional information or
> assistant, contact the Manager online
> Banking Services.
> Sincerely,
> Mr. Douglas Donald
> Manager- Online Banking Department
> Standard Chartered International Banking
> United Kingdom
> Tel: + 447031826395
> Fax: + 44 7092842248
>> Hello, my name is XXXXXXX and I was informed of winning a yahoo
>> lottery
>> thing. I was told that you would be handling transferring money to my
>> bank
>> account. I was told to contact you as soon as possible, so here I am.
>> What
>> happens now?

From: DR JOHN MARTIN <jmartn1963@live.com>
Date: Friday, April 17, 2009, 3:21 AM

Dear Winner
We are in receipt of your email and I wish to inform you that we have verified with the Yahoo Lottery Award, indeed you are a rightful winner with pin number:  1206 attached to your email. We have forwarded your winning details to our paying bank for your payout.
You are here advice to contact the bank in charge for the transfer; here are the contact details of the bank:  
Mr. Douglas Donald
Manager- Online Banking Department
Standard Chartered International Banking
United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 7031826395
Fax: + 44 7092842248
Email: info@ardchartered.com
Please always keep me intouch with all your communication with the paying bank for advice.
Thanks and congratulations in advance.
Yours Sincerely,
Dr John Martin
Telx:+44 70318 42859
Fax:+44 87097 49483
Yahoo Lottery Agent