This report is about a fake email impersonating someone from PCH, an online lottery company. This does not imply the endorsement of the real company and their business. According to, the odds of winning this lottery is 1-in-505 million, so unless you are an immortal, you would not live long to get the slightest chance of winning that $10million dollars. The chance of dying of cancer or in a car accident is probably much higher than winning this lottery. If you can’t win a local state lottery, you can forget about this super-mega lottery.

Its hard to understand why anybody would get excited over such lottery online. Get into your car now, and drive to your nearest lotto outlet. Does that make you excited at all? Yes? It’s been there for ages, and most people have not won a prize.

Attached is a fake lottery mail that is not sent by PCH. The word “fake lottery” is self-explanatory, so we will not waste your time to read unnecessary stuff from us.

—– Attached —–

—– Original Message —–
From: william brown
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 5:04 AM
Subject: Contact Elite Couriers Via Email Regarding The Delivery Of Your Cheque To You, E-mail:


I hereby use this medium to acknowledge the receipt of your claims requirement regarding the winning notification mail you received, informing you of the prize you have won PCH LOTTO, after the verification process was conducted I wish to inform you that the lotto department and promotions department has just approved your payment of the tune of ( ONE MILLION USD ($1,000,000.00 USD) the check have been handover to a security company in the UK England

The security company will be responsible for the remittance of the entire winnings, and your Lottery Winnings documents which is of high importance to you, so I expect you to show great appreciation to (Publishers Clearing House) PCH LOTTO as a great firm haven been in existence for years and has single highhandedly made this promotion possible in other to promote (Publishers Clearing House) in every corner of the world through the means of the internet as a global source of reaching people world wide.

Incase you still have doubts arising from the angle of how you got selected, note that the selection process was carried out through an electronic email ballot system our aim was to select winners through the internet which will be a much more easier way to select winners all around the universe due to the fact that only you alone have access to your email so have no fear , for you have emerged a winner as far as you are the original proprietor to the email account which you have received the winning notification letter as distributed by Michelle I Centeno the lottery manger of this great promotion .

In furtherance, to begin the final step of the claims process you are advised to contact the security firm whose details are furnished below and they shall be responsible for onward delivery of your winnings to you and you shall be expected to pay some fees along the line by the security firm for the delivery of your cheque and documents this fees will not be more than normal shipping charges which we feel will not be a problem to you.

Before your winnings was released to security company a hard cover insurance policy was placed on your winnings by the (publishers Clearing House) PCH Lotto company to avoid any harm or illegal channeling due to this, deduction of any amount of money from your funds cannot be done from your Won prize. The instructions given inline with the rules and regulation of the USA and England gaming board once you get your winning funds check you are expected to deposit it in your personal bank account and there is a certain assurance that the entire ONE MILLION USD you have won will be accredited into your account in not less than three to four banking days please note. below is the courier contact information’s
ADDRESS: Unit 20 Britannia Industrial Estate
Pole Road, Colebrook, Berkshire SL3 0BH,United Kingdom.
CONTACT NAME: Mr. Barry White

Write to them via email upon receipt of this mail without wasting time. You are to furnish them with your

Full Name:
Telephone number :
Postal Address:
Your winning Numbers
Email Ticket Number

Below Are Your Winning Numbers And Your Email Ticket Number

winning numbers: 47-14-34-85-67-32
email ticket number: FL 754/22/76

Once again, keep us posted on any development with the Security Company, in relation to your lottery winnings.

Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until your claims have been fully processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid multiple claims and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants.

Congratulations once again.
Best Regards,
Mr.William Brown (Claims Officer)

Dear Winner!!!
This is to inform you that your email address has been emerged as the
winner of($1,000,000.00 USD)in the publishers clearing house.For details of
claim,Contact Mr William Brown Via
With The below info’s:
1.Full Name:
2.Full Address:
3.Marital Status:
7.Country Of Residence:
8.Telephone Number:


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