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Subject: Shaikh M. Imran, Imran, Greenstone LLC, Scam Artist Fraud Theft San Antonio, Texas
Question: Imran is the worst kind of Scam Artist.

In today’s economy where people are suffering through a bad economy. Imran continues to prey on the innocent and steal tens of thousands from hard working families, while partying and staying at 5 Star Hotels and giving the clients nothing in return.

He is a Thief.
My nightmare started in early June, 2011.
First, we used his credit repair which he boldly stated that would be complete in 2 weeks. It’s been 3 1/2 months and not one single item has changed.

Then an associate of mine purchased a Corporation for Funding purposes from
him. Imran even met with him on several occasions. This guy will stand
right in front of you and LIE LIE LIE. He’s so good, you will start
doubting yourself…even when you know you are right. He’s very good.

Imran Creates Fraudulent Dunn and Bradstreet Reports on Corps and gives the
client a Profile.
The Corporation Looks Great on Paper. Shows a Strong Credit Rating (80
Plus Paydex). He even shows Hundreds of Thousands in Trade References on
the Corporation. It's such a good looking corp on paper, that my
associate took it into a car dealership and the Sales Manager said he could
purchase a $160,000 Bentley with a Corporation that strong.

I was excited to hear the news and immediately purchased a corp myself,
then another one a week later.

That turned into a $2,600 mistake. It's been 3 months and not one
single corp.

This is how he stretches out his Scam.
Once the Corporate Profile is built…I mean Fraudulently Copied and
Pasted, he starts the Loan Applications. So he asks that the client just
sit back and wait for funding over the next month or two.

Guess what…Nothing happens. In fact, we have come to find out that those
pretty corps don’t even belong to us. The rightful owners still own
them. This has been verified on several that we have checked out.

To make matters worse, I told several people about the pretty 80 Paydex
Corp that my associate had seen and they got conned by Imran too.

So at least two innocent people that I referred to this Scam Artist spent
Thousands of Dollars with nothing to show.

This is how it goes. Your first communication goes great till you send
your money. Then the frequency of calls go down drastically. Once you
question him, he will argue, scream and belittle you.

Trust me, I’ve had several screaming matches with him.

Even today, knowing that he can’t perform, he’s still taking
calls from innocent victims and taking money in.

This guy must be stopped. He refuses to give refunds. He only answers
texts or phone calls when you threaten him. Then it just turns into a
screaming match.

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