]]>Flamers beware: Representative Linda Sanchez (D) has re-introduced a
bill to Congress that–if approved–could make internet flaming and
harassment a felony. Called the Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention
Act, Sanchez created and named the bill after the teenager who killed
herself in 2007 over “bullying” comments made by a Missouri woman on
MySpace. Sanchez said that the bill is not out to stifle or censor free
speech, but to determine “cyberbullyism” in court.

“Congress has no interest in censoring speech and it will not do so if
it passes this bill,” she said. “Put simply, this legislation would be
used as a tool for a judge and jury to determine whether there is
significant evidence to prove that a person ‘cyberbullied’ another
That is: did they have the required intent, did they use electronic
means of communication, and was the communication severe, hostile, and
repeated. So–bloggers, emailers, texters, spiteful exes, and those who
have blogged against this bill have no fear–your words are still
protected under the same American values.”

This is not approved yet, but if it does, beware of what you write!