How much can we expect to lose from identity theft? Not much, the records are probably more than US$10million only, in a single case.

“A Russian con artist posing as presidential pal Charles J. Wyly Jr.
ordered a new checkbook from the Texas billionaire’s bank account and
wrote a $7 million check for a pile of gold, U.S. authorities said

Igor Klopov orchestrated the identify theft scheme from his home in
Moscow, where he used his computer to mine Web sites for financial data
about Wyly and other wealthy Americans, Manhattan prosecutors said.
Klopov and four accomplices were charged with stealing $1.5 million and
attempting to rip off another $10.7 million in a case prosecutors said
demonstrates the risks of easy access to personal information on the

See why we emphasize never to reveal your personal information on the web? Do not assume that the effects of identity theft are negligible. And also do not assume that your case will be as lucky as the one in the news. Many scammers were never caught.