Just like with any other business ventures, currency trading would involve a lot of different strategies. Although there are a lot of strategies to choose from, there would always be the popular ones, and one of which would be Forex scalping. So what is it really about scalping that majority of traders yearn to master it or at least know the principles behind it? Read on and find out!

What Is It?

Scalping is basically a trading style that aims to take profits via taking advantage over very small changes in currency prices, which is most of the time soon after the trade was entered and becomes profitable. This trading strategy doesn’t really aim for capturing 50+ pip moves, but instead, this strategy is more concerned about monitoring the price action. After which, it aims to get in and out of the trades for fast 5-15 pips that in the end would add up by little.

Although the whole method may seem to be risky, scalping could actually be quite a low risk method, especially if you can perform it the right way. Since you would be aiming to gain profit from many small movements, your downside risk on the trade would become similarly kept back in a very close range.

However, you should be able to come up with a very strict exit strategy. This is due to the reason that one large loss can eliminate all the multiple small gains that you’ve worked hard on to get. Needless to say, you would need to have discipline to come out from bad trades. You also need to practice risk management, which would be extremely important. If you would be able to implement these properly, then you can practice scalping with a very low risk.

Common Problems

However, there can also be problems with scalping. For instance, you may have complications with doing business with dealing brokers. This is because they’re aware about this practice and majority of them doesn’t feel that kindly upon it. For them, scalping would be a no-no, simply because if they allowed traders to scalp in and out of trades within seconds, desk brokers would definitely be out of business. Mainly, the reason for so, is because such brokers need time to utilize a dealing desk. Hence, if you’d be scalping, which is usually less than one minute, they wouldn’t have enough time in dealing your money. In effect, you would simply be taking their money.

Scalping And Short Term Trading

Short term trading and scalping are often mistaken to be the same thing. However, they are not necessarily equals but they are quite similar. You should understand that there’s an extremely thin line between the two. In general, if you’d be hold trades for one minute or less, you might encounter problems with brokers. Most of the time, they would warn you and if you decide to continue you behavior, they might shut down/suspend your account. On the other hand, if you’ll be trading for more than one minute, it would be most likely that you won’t encounter problems with brokers.

On the other hand, non-dealing brokers let you scalp, in which you could hold a position even for just seconds. Nevertheless, their required minimum for you to create an account would be higher, about $2,000 or above.