]]>Kids in Hoax Calls
Some kids in Colne (UK) finds it fun to make hoax calls to the local authorities… including the police. They are all under 10 years old, and they had made 50 hoax calls to the police. That is definitely a show of great potential 🙂
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Stock Scams using Microsoft Excel
We have seen stock scams by mail for a very long time, and we even had one brief article mentions about solicitation for the stocks promotion here, under commercial scams category. Now we found a news about CommTouch announcing that there is new spam using Excel sheet…

“The spam promotes stocks in attachments with names such as ‘invoice
20202.xls’, ‘/news/2007/07/27/stock-information-3572.xls’ and ‘/news/2007/07/27/requested-report.xls’…

Well, the concern for most of us is not the scam but the spam filter… the problem these guys are trying to solve is to help us filter those malicious/scamming PDF, PNG, DOC, XLS attachments in our Inbox.

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