I know that the subject “Fuck the Scammers” does not sound nice and professional. It is vulgarity. The fact is that, we know that there are many people who were scammed or who had a near-miss. This is not a joke, as it is not funny.

Although no life was lost in most scams, many people had lost their life savings or hard-earned money because they were targeted by scammers. Everybody has a weakness, and the scammers target this weakness. The scammers target those people who are greedy, who needs money because they are out of jobs, who needs love, who wants something that they know its too good to be true.

Go ahead, if you are angry, if you are pissed, you are rightful to be so.

Go ahead and drop your comments to fuck them up.

We can’t help everybody, but we have a place for you to curse the scammers to hell.

As one of my readers wrote:

another fucking african scams-419- CONFIDENTIAL MONEY TRANSFER

Go ahead and fire up!

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