With the creation of the internet by Al Gore, Ok, who pushed the idiot button? (Can I say that?)

There hasn’t been anything that has stirred things up so radically across the U.S. and around the world as the internet has since the start of the industrial age in the mid 1800’s when people started leaving their farms for the big cities to find work in industry.

Now, as if we were rolling back the calendar of time in the new millennium, people are working feverishly hard, spending free time at their computers, working evenings, late into the night, and weekends to achieve the ability to work at home again. All of this is due to the internet, which is creating more small business owners and entrepreneurs than ever before.

If one has a computer, access to the internet, and some spare time, he or she can have an internet business up and running in as little as 24hrs. That my friends is the ultimate in entrepreneurship.

Right now we are in what’s called a paradigm shift and according to the numbers, a complete reversal in the workforce. This isn’t going to happen overnight; however, it is estimated that somewhere around 70% of the people will ultimately work at home with a home business or a job. Furthermore, the remaining 30% will remain on the job in the workforce.

Now I don’t know about you, but two incredibly gut wrenching words “job and workforce” were enough for me to decide that maybe I should look into this work at home business with a little different kind of mind set.

At this point in time there are thousands of people earning a living online. Will these workforce numbers begin to be seen as accurate? That’s truly hard to say. Looking back, not so long ago, “they” said that no one would ever want to have a personal computer in their home. Is that one still kind of up in the air for everyone?

Oh, and they (who are “they” anyway?) stated that no one would ever need, want, or use a cell phone. Their reasoning, “Because who would want to be able to be found at anytime or anywhere.” I don’t know about you, but my teenage daughter starts getting real fidgety when her phone gets below 20 minutes of airtime. “Dad, what am I going to do? How are my friends going to able get a hold of me? What if they can’t find me? Dad, I need more minutes!” Now, I can’t look into those big beautiful blues eyes and say no, so I start running. Yes, she costs me a fortune and she’s worth every penny.

With these extreme examples of missing the mark, you may indeed be looking at one that “they” may actually come close with. The estimated number of people who will be earning a living online is expected to jump to 15 million by 2008.

At this point you may be thinking, “This is all fine and jim dandy, but where do I fit in on the grand scale of things?” Actually, the opportunities are boundless. With a few pivotal pointers, some revealing suggestions, and your willingness to learn and seek direction, the opportunities are unlimited. The most critical part to your success, is to stay focused on one business and make it work. You cannot achieve success by jumping from one hot market to the next.

A good business example is the resell rights market, which is a favorite to many because of it’s low start up cost. A brief explanation: resell rights are your ability to purchase rights to other peoples products. It doesn’t matter if those rights are to reports, software, e-books or many other information marketing products, you may sell them and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.

A fantastic deal for sure, most resell rights will come with a ready made sales page, header and graphics already done for you, as you can see getting started in the resell rights business is truly and entrepreneurs dream.

Because we are in the information age, information marketing products are hot and people are looking for information and immediate answers. They want everything now! The internet has created an information hungry society. What are people looking for? If you can name it, you can get it. More importantly you can sell it and profit from your sells. Now, if that doesn’t fire up your imagination, find someone to check your pulse.

Several people may be sitting on the fence, undecided about whether or not they really want to be earning a living online. Yes you will face challenges, yes you will grow, and yes with perseverance and tenacity you will succeed.

There is a treasure trove of information to be had on the internet. The truly underlining allure is your ability to test the waters, without actually jumping in tush first (misprint). You are able to continue with your number one source of income, and begin a part time business with as little as a few hours a week added to your current schedule.

The old saying, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, is only a tantalizing clue to the adventures the cyberspace world may hold in store for you. Put on that entrepreneur cap and let the magical mystery tour begin. Take action now, it’s your future. Are you going to be the one who will say that earning a living online has defined the new millennium for you?