Whenever a new electronic product hits the market, it is greeted by skepticism by some and with great fanfare by others and Apple iPhone has its share of dreamers and schemers who from day one were looking for ways to defeat the AT&T partnership need as well as many reports of long delays in having the phone service activated. Through the initial roll out where thousands were trying to start service, activation was back on track within a couple of days, but leaving early reviews for Apple iPhone mixed among new users.

Most companies understand that no matter how hard they try, it is impossible to make everybody happy, but with the Apple iPhone, the company tried to do just that. Possibly one of the most controversial issues with the new device is that it only works on the AT&T network, formerly Cingular, a reality that many former Cingular customers are not excited about. Although the phone system, once activation was successfully, seemed to work flawlessly for many subscribers.

The draw back is the ways available to find a contact phone number. The choices are to scroll through the entire list or got to the alphabet on the side of the Apple iPhone screen and choose an alphabetic listing by the first letter. For an average user with a couple of dozen names in their phonebook this is not a big problem but those with hundreds of contacts may find it time consuming and annoying.

The buzz for the latest techno-gadget has been heating up the internet for years, and the recent unveiling of the Apple iPhone had the requisite long lines and up to 16-hour waits to be the first to own the cell phone, handheld computer, music player, video player, internet connection and digital camera, with add-ons making stock reports, weather and email available in real time. It has been touted as the first true all-in-one gadget to keep users connected in every conceivable sense.

Despite all the hoopla surrounding its release critics have quickly spotted deficits in its design or programming, verifying the theory that a company can’t please everyone. While many people were able to get their phone activated quickly, the back log of applicants slowed the process considerably. However, once up and running, exploration began on the other assets of the Apple iPhone.

To use iTunes on the Apple iPhone version 7.3 is required and it features a graphic connection to the music installed. Simply locate the cover of the album desired and then the song from the album list to play the song. One quirk is the design of the 3.5mm headphone plug. For most headphone jacks it is recessed too far requiring the purchase of an adapter to make them fit.

Keyboard Speeds Text Messaging Service

The QWERTY keyboard on the Apple iPhone makes sending text messages easier but many complain about the lack of internet instant messaging. Perhaps the tie-in with AT&T and its texting services, all at additional cost, has something to do with that feature lacking on the Apple iPhone.

The camera yields a competitive 3.5-inch display of 160 pixels per inch, far from camera quality, but is quick and easy to set up and use. There is some concern about the inability to instant message pictures to other users.

Email System Poses Memory Issues

For casual email users, having a POP3 account easily accesses email and the keyboard helps greatly in replying to messages. However, deleting old emails is a four-step process that sends the message to the recycle bin. With the message open the delete or edit button is pushed, followed by the minus button, then the delete button. To remove message from the trash can the process has to be repeated on the Apple iPhone.

Overall, the release of the Apple iPhone was met with acceptance by most users as well as those who find fault with everything, they could not find fault with everything about the new device.