It seems like just a few years ago that the term autoresponder was invented, and now, with the amazing growth of the Internet, an autoresponder has become the essential toolkit for anyone who is making consistent money online.

In the meantime, millions of people have come online, only to learn that making money online is not as simple as putting up a webpage with a product for sale. Every successful website online includes email follow-up using an autoresponder of one kind or another.

An autoresponder does many things, including lead and customer management, automated follow-up, ensures compliance when sending email out, and even the advanced stuff, like tracking how many people open your email, and how many click a link you send.

Some autoresponders will even let you split test a message, which means it will send one message to some of your subscribers, and another email message to the rest of your list, so you can see which one gets a better response. Using split testing lets you determine the most profit pulling email to send in the future.

The better autoresponders also work closely with the Internet Service Providers (ISPs), to ensure the emails they send are whitelisted and delivered to the intended recipient.

So why do so many people try to live on free autoresponders, or even worse…starting an online business without any autoresponder at all!

I think it is a simple fact of being naive – or perhaps being new to the Internet. If you are brave enough to trust your prospects and customers to an unproven free autoresponder service, I think you will quickly learn why it is free. Some of the most horrific stories involve some fly- by-night free service that hurt a lot of people when it disappears. Can you imagine losing your entire customer base?

Anyone that has ever got a professional autoresponder and actually used it as intended discovers one thing very quickly – you can pretty much generate cash on demand, simply by logging in to your autoresponder, and sending out an email. It’s pretty much that easy.

When you have experienced “money on demand” and the power of an autoresponder, you will never again consider the idea of sending simple emails from your home computer. It simply doesn’t compare, in terms of safety, convenience and sophistication.

I ran a simple test with a new autoresponder recently, and in just 5 hours , I managed to register a new autoresponder, created a webpage, and added a signup page with a sales offer, and in less than 60 days, I had 16,000 subscribers and $5,000 in additional profits. That’s about $1,000 per hour, and most of that income is recurring. Would you like to make $1,000 per hour? That’s what autoresponders can do for you.

A great autoresponder is used by every millionaire who made their fortune online… and don’t you think it’s time you learned more about them?