We received a feedback regarding this site but this is not authenticated, and we appreciate comments, if any.

In the last few days I’ve been considering using this website to order a tv from:


received the email from a friend and hotmail contact advising this
site, saying its really good value. I have been in email contact with
itshop-hot choosing a tv and a wall bracket. They have priced it up now
and emailed me an invoice for the goods and delivery. On their website
the payment options are bank transfer, paypal, visa or western union
money transfer. On the email invoice they only offered me western union
or internet transfer as forms of payment which made me very wary, as I
was planning on paying by Visa to protect myself. I always pay for
online items by credit card for protection, even on ebay I always spend
the extra time changing the paypal default setting from sourcing
payment from my bank to my credit card to give me 2 layers of
protection instead of 1. (I have read reviews that paypal can sometimes
infuriate buyers if sellers have sent default goods etc.. or not sent
at all. I’ve so far never had to speak to my credit card company, but I
feel that by sourcing paypal with my credit card I always have the
option of getting the credit card company to reverse the transaction.)

receiving the email invoice from itshop-hot I have done a bit of
research on the net, finding forums that suggest it is a scam:


have now emailed my friend back (the source of the itshop-hot website)
and she informed me that she didn’t send the email and she must have
had her account hacked.

I couldn’t find any reference to itshop-hot on your website, so I hope this helps you and your readers.