Just received this letter from Diane:
Not on the internet, but an unaddressed letter asking me to contact an agent in South Africa by telephone or fax.  The address is 321 Main Street, Johannesburg.  Smells fishy to me.  Any ideas, please?
We believe the letter is about some lottery winning? This is the time to trust your instinct – it is definitely a scam.

Some time back, we also received a letter from “Spain” regarding a lottery winning. Somehow the letter was lost but we managed to keep a form which is used to fill up personal particulars.

There are conman everywhere and scams do not always come from email. Take a look at “black money scam” and the other scam video on our site, or search the web.

I could not recall exactly but in one of our articles we discussed about how the scammers have “damaged the reputation” of their own “community”. It is so bad that foreigners might be cautious when dealing with legitimate businesses from the same group. Anything that appears less trustworthy would easily create suspicions. This could be what some called the “cry wolf syndrome”.

Not to worry too much, that letter you received is most likely from the “bad guys”.