Scam Type: 419 Scam
Fake Names: Usman Abubakar
Offer Type: Money Transfer
Transfer Amount: US$21,070,235.00 (Twenty-One Million, Seventy Thousand two Hundred and thirty five United States Dollars only)
Storyline: Some bloody complicated story involving “the President, Ministries, Banks and some of the Countries/ Beneficiaries”, read it yourself if you have nothing better to do (hint: there is always something better than reading and trying to understand the story, even if its stupid.)
Scammer Location: Nigeria… wahahaha…
Scammer Email: FINANCE@National-Champs.com, rdmark23@hotmail.co.uk
Scammer Phone: +234-70-30952606.  Code: 0910

The real Nigerian President better do something about this… That is all we have to say.

Oh, and also before anyone ask in the comments below, this is a scam.

—– Original Message —–
From: “THE PRESIDENCY” <rdmark23@hotmail.co.uk>
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 6:42 AM
Subject: 2008 PAYMENT NOTICE.

> Debts Management Office
> FCT-Abuja, Nigeria
> Tel: +234-70-30952606.  Code: 0910
> Email: FINANCE@National-Champs.com
> Re:  2007 FINAL PAYMENT NOTICE- FGN/ CP0325/08.
> “I write with reference to our earlier letter Ref. No. FGN/ CP0325/08, on
> above subject and wish to draw your attention to H.E Umaru Musa Yar’Dua’s
> directive to clear all outstanding Payments since 1995-2007, in regards to
> his meeting with the United Nations, Commonwealth  of Nations and
> Embassies has agreed to Release Contract Payments, Inheritance and Lottery
> claims to save our dear country from further embarrassments. I have
> enlisted your name for this payment as one of the Beneficiaries to be
> compensated  with USD21,070,235.00 (Twenty-One Million, Seventy Thousand
> two Hundred and thirty five United States Dollars only) from the 2008
> budgeted Debts Services from Excess Crude Oil Revenue, get back to me as
> soon as possible for the immediate and uninterrupted payments in your
> favour.
> The decision of the President is the climax of a complain battle between
> the Ministries, Banks and some of the Countries/ Beneficiaries who made
> strenous efforts to retain their titles.You are hereby warned not to
> communicate or duplicate this message to anybody for any reason whatsoever
> as to avoid misdirection and fund diversion. So keep it secret till you
> secure our funds.
> Lastly, I will assist you if you will promise to return to me  just 40% of
> the  approved sums thereafter,  From the State of things, I have find out
> that you cannot  sponsor your wire transfer charges as regards your
> Approved funds due  to the Financial commitments, Bureaucratic process and
> difficulties, We have resolved to settle all Debts through United Nations
> Office in your Country direct, So Kindly confirm your Address, Phone
> numbers and bank Account Details so that I will prepare you for payment
> within 72hrs..
> Usman Abubakar (OFR)
> Director of Finance (DMO).
> This email may contain information which is privileged and confidential.
> If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender
> immediately, your information remains absolutely confidential.