]]>Investigation on High-Paying, Part-Time Job – 7 Jun 07
– Seguin, Texas, US
The detectives are checking on an ad in the newspaper that turns out to be a “Nigerian Scam”. Promises of high-paying, part-time job that earns up to US$2,700 a month. This is a scam that uses the same old fake check scam used in advanced fee fraud.

She was asked to cash the checks, keep 10 percent for herself, and to send the rest to Nairobi Kenya, in Africa”

The victim could never cash the check (since its fake), and she would be sending real money over.
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Scam Victim keeps sending money
– Queensland, Australia
The shocking news is that the victims of Nigeria scams have lost an estimated $18million, and more, even after being told by the police that it is a scam. Surprisingly,

“Many of the victims were well-educated, including doctors, lawyers, engineers and professors.”

Sometimes education doesn’t really help when it comes to dealing with promises of fast cash and false hope…
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Elderly – victims of lottery scam (UK)
Foreign scammers are targeting elderly people to pay money and take part in some prize draw. These scammers gave addresses from “Belgium, Canada, Ireland…”, but as our scam reports on our site has shown, their real address may not be written on the mails. These scammers even use phone calls to stay in contact with the victims.
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Fake Sweepstake Scam (US)
It is great to hear news of people who took a step back and realise that they are dealing with scammers in a lottery scam. This news deserve to go into our archive.
“Moore received a $2,756.73 check from Canada, ostensibly an advance on
a $50,000 sweepstakes prize. The check is printed on multicolored paper
and contains security features normally associated with checks, such as
heat-sensitive “watermarks” and microprinting on both sides. Even the
routing number matches the bank from which the check is drawn.”

Apparently, that is a fake check. They will send the check to the victim, ask the victim to cash it and resend (real) money to “clear taxes and processing fees”. Obviously, the check cannot be cleared and the victim would have sent out real money.

It is quite interesting how anyone would believe such a stupid procedure. IF the lottery company can send the check, why can’t they simply deduct that amount from the check for the processing fees? Never send real money to such deals.
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Old lady – victim of investment scam (Singapore) – 31 May 07
– Singapore
friend of an old lady(a cleaner) concocted an investment scam to dupe
her into parting
with almost her entire life savings of SGD124,000. TheĀ  man took the
money lost all at the Singapore Turf Club (local legal gambling club),
leaving nothing for the 57-year-old woman. He was sentenced to
three years and nine months in jail yesterday. Becareful of who you
trust, and protect the elderly who are likely targets of such scams.

Pay Me or Get Killed!

A new email scam is threatening to hire someone to kill the victim if
they do not reply to the email and send $20,000. The police have traced
the scam back to Singapore. We are not sure about the details, but it
might not be some who stays there. (Any tourist can rent a PC and send
out hoax emails)