Lately, I’ve developed an annoying twitch that makes my right eye blink uncontrollably, stiffening my hands and causing me to sweat profusely. It generally happens whenever I hear a business owner say “Web site? What for? I really don’t need that sort of thing”.

These words are enough to trigger the twitch, followed by a barely-contained need to punch something repeatedly (hasn’t happened yet, but I am close).

Why would a business want a web site? I think the question is much too obvious nowadays, but since my twitch keeps reappearing I think I will mention at least the very basic points.

Keep in mind, although these points are very simple, they are not unimportant:


From the basics, the most basic and yet, the most valid. You MUST have a web site (of course, you will need also a web hosting account and a domain). Would you think to open a business without a phone line? Get real! With a web site your clients can find you, check your contact info, review your products and services and a long etcetera.

Attract New Clients

When a new prospect visits your web site, he/she has the opportunity to know about your organization before anybody talks to him/her. What could be better than a new client that already knows your company and has picked up the phone or sent an email to contact you? The sale is halfway closed!

Service Your Current Clients

Do you have a new product or service? Tell your clients everything about it trough your web site. Changes in prices? Post them in your site. New manuals, upgrades, new location? They must be in your web site! Did you just get a new phone line? Get a BIG announcement in your home page!

Describe in Detail

If your products or services require a detailed or technical explanation, your web site is the best tool. You can post as much information as needed: PDF files, pictures, manuals and whatever you can think of. As you have additional info you can upload it and your clients will be able to instantly find it.

Constant Updating

Already mentioned, but this point is worth elaborating. Each time that something changes in your organization, you have the opportunity to tell all of your clients through your web site. Products, prices, service policies, press releases, anything at all! Did you change your logo? Let your web site show it. Give your site a quick check at least once a year (every 6 months is better) and make changes as required. Let your clients notice you are still there.

Show Off

Yes, your web site lets you show off the kind of work you’ve done for other clients. Ask for testimonials and include them in your web site. Prospects love these since it gives your business credibility (we will talk about the best way to post your testimonials in another column).

Shame on You

To finish, if all these haven’t been able to convince you, think that a web site is really cheap (most web hosting services cost less than a 100 dollars a year). Would you think of doing business with somebody that can’t pay at least that? I would think twice about it.

I could go on with many more important arguments, but I hope you’ve got the idea. Now go get your web site! I am off to get a valium to calm my twitch.