Look at what we found,
“Papillion, NE – April 29, 2007 – D. Bennett Services (www.bennettsafelist.com) launches their professionally dedicated web listing of (memberships only) businesses, qualified through evaluation, screening, and BBB review, which demonstrate and promote only ethical standards of practice in their service to the public.’

The War Declared on Scams

A long time ago, we thought about the idea of a safe web where everyone has a real identity (just like real life). Anyone who breaks the “law” could be expelled from the safe web and into the wild (current internet). And due to the detailed screening and identification proceedure to join the

]]> “safe web”, everyone will know the true identity of the person who applies, uses the service and (if) is expelled for any reason.

It is just like an secured part of the internet where there are police going around to check on the citizens and ensuring law and order. It will be the home of quality blogs (like ours, erm…), ecommerce, authoritative reference and information, one single powerful search engine and directory system that is as free and cheap as the yellow pages (unless u need a bigger ad).

We know that we are not the only one who thought about this, but the question is whether it will come true after Web 2.0, much later, or never. The internet will keep growing and the good stuffs will increase, and so will… the web shit.