One of the lessons I learnt from being on the internet is the fact that it doesn’t have to take much to make money. I had been spending my time trying to develop high ticket products that no one wanted but I hoped would sell for close to a thousand dollars. My internet marketing life changed when I learnt how to make money using low cost and easy ways.

The problem came when I ran out of money, I had maxed out my credit cards and I was ready to give up because trying to stay in internet marketing was costing me too much, not only in finances but also in time and energy.

I looked back over all the products I had bought, all the information I had and everything I had been taught. It was the lessons I learnt at the very beginning and had ignored that were to come back and help me finally start making money online easily.

I had found myself joining a number of free eCourses and learning from them and then I joined an eCourse that was teaching people how to run and profit from their own eCourses. At the same time a product had been launched that showed people how to offer free access to membership sites with a one time offer upgrade.

With the information I had I now realized that I could easily put together eCourses that were delivered by email and using membership sites. It was an exciting time. I had been unable to sell access to a membership site and yet when I offered free access with an upgrade people bought the upgrade.

It was a perfect internet business for newbies and as I didn’t have my own product I used affiliate products and sold those instead. As time went by I began to create my own free short reports and then moved onto selling reports before creating my own information products.

The learning system I gained access to also provided me with a structure that showed me how to put together information with ongoing value to those who signed up, which is extremely important. It took me about 10 days to put together my first free eCourse because I had never done it before and by the time I was writing my fourth one it was only taking me a few days. Now within 48 hours I can have an ecourse up and ready to attract new subscribers.

Suddenly after months of not knowing how to build a list I was doing it and after months of never making any money I was finally receiving those wonderful emails that alert you to a sale. Plus it was easy to start and maintain which really did fit into what I wanted from my business at the beginning.

There are plenty of easy and low cost ways to make money online without having to spend a lot of money. I will caution you not to confuse low cost or easy to start up with no work because they will always need the commitment from you to drive traffic to it and ensure you continually have people signing up.