What happens when financial crisis meets holiday season? You will need to spend more during the holiday season but you are short of money. A popular scam for this holiday will be bogus loans and credit card offers.

“People who are in dire financial straits at a time when they’re
spending more money than usual may be particularly susceptible to
offers to help them out. You find those all year long,
but they’re the kind of thing people can be particularly vulnerable to
during the holiday season.

Those who apply for the bogus offers must fork out a processing or application fee”

And when you have the money, you will need to find the perfect gift for kids. You will need to find something that is “precious” and among those “huge stacks” found in the stores. Some scammers will exploit this need and try to sell “hard-to-find” toys.

And finally, the fake check scams never die.

With the secret-shopper scam, people are sent a realistic-looking check
and are told to deposit it and wire a certain percentage of the check
to an account to “test” how well the process works… Later, after the money is gone, the victim finds out the check was fake and they owe the bank money