Social bookmarking is done by definition by amateurs. If these amateurs do not understand the importance of right tags the whole system may fail. Social bookmarking is a way for you to save your favorite bookmarks and pass them on to others. The more people in who bookmark a particular URL in a certain period of time, the more popular that bookmark becomes and the more people who will visit that URL. Social bookmarking is fine, if everyone follows the rules.

It is rocking big time these days! If you are not aware of it by any chance, read this . Social bookmarking is just one of the “newest things” sweeping the Internet. In essence, social bookmarking lets you maintain a personal collection of links online, similar to the bookmarks or favorites in your browser, but they are also accessible to others on your own personal archive page.

It is a great way to save pages you like and help others find articles, blog posts, lenses and sites you create. But what sites should you use?

Share your favorites with friends and get access to community public views. Works better than anything I have found, and compared to a normal linear list is a very easy system of drag and drop menus. Share This plugin also allows you to email the article to your friends. Below every post you will find a Share This link. Share it on a social news site. Not every article you write is going to get on the front page.

Share, discover, bookmark, and promote stuff thats important to you! Using bookmarklets, you can add bookmarks to your list and categorize them Reddit: Reddit is a source for whats new and popular online.

Tag and full text search with filter tags! User tag list and cloud. Tagging allows you to share the benefit of your research and favorite sites by allowing others to find them. However, if you wish, you can also choose to keep your bookmarks private.

Tagging, clipping, and saving are all great ways to save a group of select webpages. However, what good is all that great information if you cannot effectively showcase your findings in a concise and organized structure? Tags are simply keywords that you include when you bookmark a site. The secret to tags is that they can be searched/filtered and then filtered again and again in a hierarchical fashion as needed.

Tags may be used to organize bookmarks.

Web sites usually appreciate unexpected spikes in traffic. But if your server isn’t prepared, it can cause the site to go down. Web-based social bookmarking sites have already taken hold, especially in the consumer space with sites such as del.icio.us (pronounced delicious,) a service that was acquired by Yahoo last year. Other online social bookmarking sites offer more specialized services. Websites are marked by users of specific (bookmark) service. Some services give you access to tiny icons or buttons that can be integrated into your browser.

Web sites focusing on topics explored during the semester could be shared. Using social bookmarking to label, categorize and organize Web sites is a beneficial tool that goes beyond search engines and Web indexes for browsing the Internet and retaining important information.