We received a question like this:

IGoMogul and Exodus Web
Question/Comment: I was wondering if you know anything about the validity
of this company: IGoMogul.com. They also have sites, writezilla, and
postzilla, and purport to build/support web site development for people who
pay a $200 start up fee. I’ve read many complaints on
http://www.complaintsboard.com/, and I am unsure what to think.

We visited the website mentioned above and noted the feedback by some users regarding this site.

Most web savvy peopke would not require the service of a website like IGoMogul.com, because they (like us) probably know as much how to do it ourselves without getting a hole in our pocket. What you can do is to check out hotscripts.com, find a blogging script, buy a domain name (so you own it), and write your own blog. You can then insert PPC ads such as Google adsense or get a Yahoo publisher account and earn some from the website.

We somewhat didn’t like the idea of a community of bloggers using the service from one company and being encouraged to visit each other’s site to generate false traffic. This will eventually create a syndicate-like community where people would abuse the PPC ads by helping each other to click on them and making money from it, at the expense of the PPC ads advertiser. In the long run, this will be a lose-lose situation for everybody when no one believes in advertising on PPC (pay per click) system, and bloggers would lose their earnings as well. Cheating and false clicking on PPC ads will only damage the same machine that is supposed to help make some money.

Back to IGoMogul.com, this website was and the company Exodus Web Inc. owns about 3,476 domains probably hogging to lease to IGoMogul.com customers.

IGoMogul.com is pretty new. It was registered in 11 Apr 2007, but the company was probably around since 2006 as indicated on the website.

As we are unable to confirm the validity of the claims at the complains board, we are unable to make a statement to clarify if their complaints are true. As far as we know, they do deliver a website but the question is whether if what they delivered is able to meet users requirements.

If you have any comments or information about this website, please feel free to submit your comments below this post (do not email via our contact form).