Google Award Certificate

My goodness, that is an awfully good-looking “Google Award Certicate” Too bad its a fake, Goooooogle doesn’t give out any free money for lottery wins.

This report came a bit late, as it was received some time in Dec 2009. But this is an “evergreen” scam, just like Yahoo Awards scam. In the next few months or so, we are probably going to see another version, another certicate, and maybe some “lottery numbers, reference numbers, batch numbers”.

And there will be excited people running around checking these numbers instead of trying to understand if this is a scam or not – regardless of who/what is written on the mail.

As usual, all names, organisations mentioned in the email are fake… blah blah blah…

And please, don’t print out the “certificate” – you are wasting ink and killing more trees!

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Google Anniversary <google10thanniversary2009@live.com>
Sent: Tue, December 22, 2009 9:06:54 AM

Dear Award Winner,
We received an urgent notification from The UN CLEARANCE UNIT  DR. TELEFORD regarding your Consignment box contaning your Winning amount of 500,000 Great British Pounds from The GOOGLE 10TH ANNIVERSARY 2009 DEPARTMENT. The Hard copy of your Award Certificate and other legal documents are inside the Consignment box, Kindly forward this below scan copy of your Award Certificate to DR. TELEFORD and also comply with him to enable him release your Consignment box contaning your Total Amount of 500,000.00 to you immediately.
Mr. Tom Benson