No matter what you are doing on line, no matter what system you use the one constant in getting your site out there and seen are “Keywords” and here’s what that’s all about.

This point can not be stressed enough. Think of it this way; you are a taxi driver and a call comes in over the radio telling you to pick up a fair at 32 Birch Street. Now, you don’t know where Birch Street is so you look in your little book to locate your street and off you go.

Lo and behold when you get there it is no where to be found because unbeknownst to you a little tree has now become big and is covering the street sign. After driving around for about a half hour you call back to the office and they tell you that sure enough a tree has covered the sign and they give you proper directions.

Good enough, now you find the street and lo and behold again #32 is nowhere to be found. Now you are mad. You drive up and down and up and down and it is just not there. In a fit of anger you drive away and loose the fair. The person at 32 Birch Street has given up and asked the guy next door for a ride.

Now, think of Google as the taxi driver. Simply put, if you don’t have your address in clear view you won’t be found. Your address is your keyword and that’s how Google finds you.

Say, you are selling dog food. The words dog and food or dogfood are your keywords. When someone puts in a search query for dog food the Google robots scan every webpage they can find with those words in on it.

Simple? Yes, it is actually very simple, but absolutely essential to your Web sites success on line. By placing the right keywords into the right place you will have huge success.

On the other hand, if you don’t pay any attention to keywords and where to put them you will never be seen in the search engines because those little robots just will not find you.

Sound complicated? It’s not so don’t be discouraged, the methods are simple and really not rocket science but it does take a bit of research, patience and trial and error. If you persevere you will find the effort was well worth it.