Are you planning to sell a web site to a buyer to make money? Well, you are not alone then. There are a huge number of people who are into the business of selling websites. Also, the popularity of website to sell things is growing continuously. How to sell website is a common question among website owners. If you want to enter into this business arena and build a steady source of income, then follow the given tips for a fast and profitable website sale.

Website Pricing

While selling a website, you must ensure that the website pricing is right. Before setting any price always do some research to get some idea about the market value of websites. The price can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. You must get information about what buyers are willing to pay for websites. In the initial days of the Internet, the value of websites was extremely high. But nowadays the domain value has diminished; it’s not more than $10,000. The key to a profitable domain is the name. If you think what’s there in a name, then hold on! Short and catchy domain names can help you earn around $5,000. In contrast, lengthy names will only fetch you a few hundred dollars.

Remember that pricing is relative to several factors – your need to sell, the kind and appropriateness of bidder inquiries, and negotiation. It is very important to determine the target market if you plan to sell a web site. Only once you know your potential buyers should you fix your asking price. This will save you from overestimating or underestimating that value. In general, most domain names sell for 15%-40% of the asking price. However, fantastic names, overpriced names, poor and complicated names won’t ever fetch you a great profit. Don’t use names with hyphens, adult names, numbers and so forth.

Follow The Given Tips To Set The Right Price!


In order to determine your site value, do proper research to sell a website successfully. Check out several websites and do a comparative study. Try to find out what catches your attention the most. Keep in mind all the strategies applied to make the website attractive. Well, now you can apply them to your website, thereby ensuring a good profit.


What is the first thing a person notices about a website? It’s obviously the design. If the design is attractive, then it will surely attract more audience, thereby increasing the chances of its sale. A great way to sell a website indeed! The design of the website should be in keeping with its theme. If it complements the subject matter of the site, then it will certainly attract many buyers.


Remember, great ideas sell! No matter how the design is, if the subject matter of the site is not very useful, it won’t find buyers. So, make sure that your website is based on an interesting idea or a popular business.


You must state the purpose of the website clearly if you want to sell your website for a tidy profit. This you can do by putting up lucid, informative, and comprehensible content on the site. A website having a well-defined and appealing purpose will easily sell.

So don’t worry about how to sell your website. Sell a web site the profitable way by using the given tips.