Google Adsense is currently the top contextual pay per click advertising program available online. Making money online has never been easier – Adsense delivers all the features web masters and publishers were looking for and it does it almost flawlessly. Google offers, through the innovative Adsense script, a chance for any website owner, or online publisher, to earn cash from their already existing business. The popularity that characterizes this program is well deserved, and many web masters never even consider alternative programs that serve contextual ads, such as the Yahoo Publisher Network or Chitika.

Google’s financial success and excellent stock market results are mostly so because Adsense is the most important jewel on the Google crown. Each click that you receive money for also sends a percentage of profit into Google’s vault. Although that profit margin is not disclosed, most advertisers and publishers seem happy with the current rates. Anyway, the question here is not how much money Google makes of its Adsense program, but how much cash can you earn online by using it. In the following article we will look at how Google Adsense works, what financial possibilities and profits it offers and we will also look at some useful Google Adsense tips that will help you maximize your online profits.

How does Google Adsense work?

As Google claims, Adsense is designed to maximize your website revenue, show your users ads they’ll be interested in, tap into a network of thousands of search advertisers and start serving Google ads in just minutes. There’s no point in explaining the complex mechanisms that stand behind the Adsense script and it would probably take dozens of pages to write a guide that will give you an idea how Google manages to organize millions of advertiser-publisher connections.

When you join Google’s Adsense program you will need to submit a website. Once the website is approved, you will receive access to your control panel. Here you can add channels to track your ad performance, modify ad size and colors and get the HTML code to insert in your site. Simply select the best ad size and color combination and paste the code into a designated location on your site and you’re in business. In most cases the Adsense contextual links are available immediately, but sometimes it will take a wile until they are updated. From this moment on, you are on your way to making money online.

How much money can I make using Adsense?

There are Adsene publishers that make a few cents a day. But there are also Adsense publishers that make thousands of dollars a day using this program. Nothing and no one can guarantee your success, however, if you follow a few simple rules, there’s no way to fail. Serving Google Ads on a website as a great way to monetize it. Now, getting back to how much money you can win online with Adsense! if you own a high traffic website – say a few thousands visitors a day – you may expect profits of tens or hundreds a dollars a day. There are many factors involved in determining how much you will earn.

The click through rate (CTR) for example, is an essential element – it measures how many visitors, out of the total number your site receives, click on the Adsense targeted ads. The higher the CTR, the more money you earn – please see the Adsense tips listed below if you wish to learn how to increase CTR numbers. Different advertisers pay different amounts of money for a click. While some will only pay five cents per click, there are advertisers that may pay $10, $20 or even more for a single click! The content of your website is the one that influences this the most – a site about paper clips, for example, will definitely pay less than a site on mortgages or credit card companies.

Google Adsense tips

When serving Adsense contextual ads, you can use different ethical search engine optimization and page structure and content tips to maximize your revenue. Here are some of the most appreciated Google Adsense tips:

* Focus on getting highly targeted visitors on your site – they will increase CTR and make you more money.

* Although Google Adsense is fully automated, you can filter advertiser messages and only keep those that are most relevant to your web content.

* Out of all the Google Adsense tips, this is probably the most appreciated – focus on one keyword or keyphrase per page and get incoming links towards it, using the keyword in the link root.

* Keeping a web page focused on a single aspect of a larger topic (say you have a website on dog training – you should aim one page at only one dog breed, and so on).