I would like to share with you the experience that I have that might be useful for you to apply when contacting some internet marketers out there. These tips are based on myself making a connection with other internet marketers and vice versa.

“Hi, Can you help me make money online?”

“Please let me know your phone number. I would like to talk to you about internet marketing.”

“Hello, would you mind meeting me 1-on-1?”

These are the typical emails that many internet marketers receive everyday.

I receive them too and let me share what I think about them with you today. Hopefully, some of you who have the same experience wouldn’t mind sharing some tips too.

OK, here’s what I think are the problems (and the solutions)

1. Your questions are too general that nobody can solve your problems by replying with one email.

Take an example of “help me make money online”. Would you be able to write a 5 line email reply and solve the problem?

If you can’t, most probably the person you ask won’t be able to answer too.

Although some internet marketers are helpful, they can be very busy sometimes (yes, I mean busy like working hard). So, when they are swamped with questions that are too general and there are 5 other emails which are reasonably descriptive enough to have a quick reply, you bet that these 5 would be answered first. The other questions might or might not be answered.

So, be sure that you write a good question and don’t dump everything that you want to ask in one email.

2. You ask for some personal info which some marketers are reluctant to give.

For example, there are many internet marketers who prefer to remain under the radar and don’t want to be contacted other than by email. Some even use pseudo name to protect their identity and don’t want to be contacted at all.

Now, if you are emailing this group of internet entrepreneurs for a phone number or a meet up, chances are your request won’t be entertained at all.

These entrepreneurs can also be well-known internet marketers and they might be a lot of people in their contact lists already. If they don’t know who you are, it makes it harder for you to obtain more personal details like the phone number and personal email address.

Take note that there are a lot of internet entrepreneurs working solo.

3. You ask for a meet up when these marketers don’t even know you.

It’s like setting up a blind date especially when you don’t even introduce yourself and explain the reasons why you’re asking for the meeting.

Yes, you could be somebody who is widely-known among your contacts and you could even be a very successful business person. But, lets be fair because internet marketers might probably know only what’s in their world – meaning that they might not even know who’s the second richest man in the world.

So, get to know these entrepreneurs first or make an effort for them to know you before you request for a meeting. Remember that it’s relationship that counts and it takes time to build a good relationship.

In short, even if you are desperate to get in touch with successful internet entrepreneurs, there’s always a way to approach them.

For example, look in the forums where they frequent and participate in the discussion so that the next time you contact them, they know that they’ve seen you somewhere. Attend seminars and gatherings that these entrepreneurs go.

Buy their products because normally internet marketers take care of their customers more than someone they don’t know, and that is common sense. Once you email them and talk about the product that you’ve bought, they’ll probably remember you the next time you contact them.

And lastly, contact them more than once and do it properly so that you don’t become a pester or an annoying soul.

I hope these tips that I’m sharing with you will help you build a better connection with the internet marketers you’re dying to meet.