For sometime now a number of savvy Internet Marketers have been getting around some of the problems associated with Spam filters and found a way to profit at the same time.

How do they do this? They publish their newsletter online and at the same time fly under the radar of over zealous Spam checkers by keeping their eMail content to a bare minimum! In turn, they can profit from a number of opportunities only available with the online newsletter.

By getting a subscriber to come to your site you achieve a number of things. The subscriber may or may not be interested in what you have to say but something else may of course catch their attention. The potential of increasing Adsense revenue or a subscriber looking elsewhere on the site is always a welcome scenario – believe me the difference between a voluntary visit and what I shall call a semi-forced visit is more than it appears on the surface. You only have to ask yourself how often you visit a site from an the authors eMail signature?

With an online newsletter the author is not restricted by the words he or she can choose. Some of the more powerful words of persuasion can be used freely without the penalization that comes with most spam checkers. Additionally, the author can now exploit one of the greatest advantages of all. With clever linking strategies and keyword research the newsletter can be optimized to pick up organic traffic.

By placing an opt in form at the end of the newsletter the marketer can grow his list through passing visitors. Links from other sites can be strategically placed to point at appropriate newsletter editions. A passing visitor can view the newsletter but will not be able to access other editions unless he or she signs up. This is easily achieved by using cryptic names for the newsletter pages whilst still including the appropriate keywords!

Of course now the marketer has a new sign up, all the links to other newsletters can be revealed. In fact, by including the links to each of the other newsletters in every correspondence will ensure visits to the site are maximized.

It is a fine example of a classic marketing ploy. Lure the visitor in with a tasty morsel and then exchange the goods for a valid contact. A contact who is not likely to sever the connection whilst he or she is being well fed. All marketers know that the money is in the list so why not show them a piece of what they will actually be getting to hook them in.

As long as what you offer is of value you should have no problems attracting sign ups. Isn’t this a far better method than losing visitors because they are unsure of what they may receive!