Whenever looking for at home employment one of the most important things to look out for is work at home scams. These opportunities come in many forms and are evolving every day into more clever and deceptive scams.

These companies feed on your desperations to find real work and try to get you to make decisions with your emotions and not with your brain. When you start seeing the flashing dollar signs and fancy houses and cars on their advertisements it’s easy to shell out some cash in hopes of succeeding.

Here are a few things that can help you spot a work at home scam before they take your money and leave you with nothing. The first thing you want to be aware of, are super exaggerated claims, like you can make 3 thousand dollars a day working fifteen minutes at your computer.

Often they will try to provide evidence that this is possible by posting screen shots of their online accounts. You cannot believe this as this proof is one of two things, either completely falsified, or it is real but depicts the owner’s income from selling his scam program and not the amount that you would generate by following their program.

The next piece of advice is to read all the small print and terms of conditions for any work at home opportunity. Many times you can find hidden charges or explanations of what the culprit is really selling in place of real home work. No matter how legitimate the website may seem it is crucial to read these very carefully and thoroughly.

Moreover, while reading the fine print check out their privacy information as well. This will let you know what the company plans on doing with your information once they get it. Often times they will say things like we reserve the right to share your contact information with our partners. If so never deal with these companies.

One of the simplest ways to spot a scam is by the amount of contact information they reveal. If it’s just a name and email address you should be cautious. Sometimes even if a company is displaying a full address you might want to check it out as well, often times they place fake addresses which have nothing to do with the real location of the website owner.

Finally if you’re still not sure about the legitimacy of a website or work at home opportunity the best thing to do is research it online. There are plenty of watchdog sites that keep large databases of scam companies. You can find ongoing discussions about what these companies are really selling and quickly find out which ones to avoid.

If you follow these simple steps along with some common sense you can avoid being scammed while looking for at home work. You also want to be realistic about your prospects finding your dream job, the reason that so many work at home scams exist is because legitimate work is very elusive and hard to find.