This scam requires to person to work together.

Firstly, Scammer A will follow you into the money exchanger and take note of the sum of money which you have changed.

Then she will call her partner (Scammer B) to tell him about the description of the potential victim, and the amount of money which he/she has changed. Scammer B will then prepare an exact number of notes less than the amount which the victim has changed, and place it beneath a file.

Scammer B will then approach the victim somewhere nearby to tell
him/her that she is a police investigating fraud cases of counterfeit money, and requested to check the victim’s money which he/she just changed. The scammer will place the real money on his file (the other side is the fake money of same amount), and pick up one piece above the head and pretend to check the notes. The victim will normally look at the note as well. The scammer simply turn his hand/file over when he place the note he was checking earlier together with the fake money, and return to the victim.

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