I was entertained this week by a domain name appraisal scammer. The
weekend before I opened up a sedo.co.uk account to manage my domain
name parking pages. Since Sedo manage the adverts on the parking page,
its an easy way for setting up a passive income stream on domains that
are currently without websites. Over the course of eight years I’ve
built up a healthy collection of domain names, most of them are ideas
I’ve yet to develop. I think only one of them I bought purely for

Within days of setting up the sedo account and mapping all my currently undeveloped domains to their DNS, I get my first offer.

The First Email

 Date:    Wed, 11 Apr 2007 10:59:01
From:    DMS Software
Subject: notetabs.com (sent 04/11/07)


What is the price in US dollars or euros you can accept for your domain name?

Our company develops software in Visual C++ and Delphi. We work as contractors.

If you offer more domains for sale with good reselling potential please email us your list.

Looking forward to do business with you.


Anthony Norton, Ph. D.


DMS Software


I was a little surprised that he asked for the price in US dollars or
euros. I'd stuck a price on the domain in pounds sterling.
Nevertheless, I went back with a price of $5000 - just an arbitrary
figure, since I wasn't intending on selling the domain, but if there
was a serious offer, then I'd consider it.

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