Business ethics is not a novel idea. Its just that its one of those things that we conveniently forget when faced with tough choices. But since the Enron and WorldCom scandals of 2002, more and more people in the business world are paying attention to this oft-neglected aspect of business. Especially now with the global marketplace in full swing.

Competition is cutthroat, but this does not mean that we should forget about what we have learned in international business ethics. To address this, many changes were subsequently legislated regarding corporate governance, disclosure and accounting procedures. But more than mere compliance with law, international business ethics requires a major shift in corporate culture.

Today, international business ethics means conducting all aspects of business and dealing with all the stakeholders in an ethical manner. The stakeholders include employees, partners, clients, shareholders, suppliers, the communities, and natural environments in which businesses operate. Thus, the term embraces the concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate sustainability, and corporate citizenship.

Below are some links to sites that contain general information on international business ethics and some significant free content that may be of interest to students, researchers, practitioners, and the general public.

Business Ethics

Access: Web-Miner.com/BusEthics.htm

Although not recently updated, this site is the perfect starting point for those seeking information on international business ethics. The site was created by Librarian Sharon Stoerger and contains useful annotated links to international business ethics resources organized by type. Some of the resources you will find include articles and publications, case studies, corporate codes of ethics, professional organizations and associations, centers, and other resources.

The Canadian Resource for Business Ethics

Access: BusinessEthics.ca

If you are looking for links to sites of Canadian and business ethics organizations, then BusinessEthics.ca is the place to go. The site is administered by a philosophy professor at Saint Marys University in Canada, Chris MacDonald. As part of the larger EthicsWeb.ca site, BusinessEthics.ca contains case studies, articles, and consultants on international business ethics.

CSR Directory

Access: CSRWire.com/Directory/

This is a directory that contains contact information and links to more than 1,000 organizations concerned with CSR and international ethics. It can be found though the CSRWire website and is searchable by organization name, type, contact name, and location. In addition to the directory, the CSRWire website also offers corporate CSR reports, news releases, job opportunities, and events.

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Access: Business-HumanRights.org/Home

A partner of the Amnesty International and several academic institutions, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is an independent, international, nonprofit organization that works to promote greater awareness of issues relating to business and human rights. Here, you can find information on thousands of companies, more than 160 countries, and 150 issues including international business ethics.