The only right answer to the question, how to start business, is by planning. Without proper plans your results, if they come, are just accidents.

Many internet business marketers skip the planning phase partly because some have believed the hype advertising and they hurry to jump into some program trusting that somebody has done everything on behalf of themselves. That will never succeed.

1.Write Down The Ideas.

Your business will succeed only by your own skills, that is the starting point. Prepare a short list about your strengths, both your personal and professional ones. Where you are good at? Go deeper and deeper. If you are good at marketing, is it advertising, marketing planning, promotions or pricing, just to take some examples.

2. Do The Research.

The information source is closer thank you think, it is your PC. Type in the illustration, where you are good at into the search bar of Google and see what you get. Discover whether there is businesses, which offer what you have thought. Analyze what they sell, how wide is the sortiment, are they price oriented, what is the USP and so on.

Now you have a great bank full of ideas. What interesting you can find out? Because this is a brainstorming phase, just list ideas.

Write down ideas, which you do not want to make, for instance HTML coding or shipping the products etc. These you just have to handle by the help of outsiders.

3. Find Out How Strong Is The Competition.

This is just a general research before you know your keywords, but try to figure out the amount and the strength of the competition. Maybe the best place to do this part is to visit some internet marketing forum, because there the people are entrepreneurs and interested about their competitors.

Because all internet home businesses are small businesses, it is wise to try to find out a narrow niche, where you can establish a very personal and unique business. When I say narrow, I do not mean so narrow that there is no business.

It would be useful to find out already now the leading sites and make an analyze about them.

Why to try to invent the whole wheel again?

4. Make A Short List About The Ideas.

Now it is the time to reduce the number of business ideas into two and start to specify the ideas and the content and template of the website.

Keep in mind that your business engine will be your own skills and do not drop into the hype advertising promises. The responsibility wil be yours, not the other peoples.

5. Start Budgeting.

The budget preparation is a little bit difficult, but it will be more and more detailed when the project will go on. It is important to start to prepare the budget and ask what different things will cost, because you will see that the money will be one of the greatest limitations.

6. Do Not Try To Make A 100 % Plan, The Guidelines Are Enough.

Once you feel that you have a strong target, business definition, target group, budget and the promotion strategy, start to build the real things, i.e. the website and other concrete tools. Your plans will be better and better and you will get a lot of improvements during the process.