We received report about an Australian who was scammed by the above websites:

“Just informing you of a supplier who has stolen $10,000AU off me. The name of the company is Digitaland (www.mydigitaland.com) & also known as Isynergy (www.isynergy.com.hk). He goes by the name “Franky” but real name is XXXXXXXXX. He sucks you in first by making you make small payments for small items, then makes you gather up trust with him, & then as soon as your have a big order, xxxxxxxx.

Supplier is from Hong Kong & works in the Kowloon area. Has an Australian bank account.

We did a check at the websites mentioned above, and both sites appeared to be mirrors bearing the logo mydigitaland. There was a link to a “forum” but there were no forums created. This is an important evidence because if a forum does exist and constantly monitored by the sellers, they are unlikely to scam the buyer. The number of posts in the forum also helps to verify that there are ongoing, genuine activities going on. However, if you visit a website where the “Forums” are just a link but there were no real forums, you ought to be careful about trading with the website.

Not all online shops come with a forum, but it would be in the best interest of the buyer to do a check on the site (i.e. google) to see if it is an established site. This is especially true if the website offers a product at a price that is below any other websites, and the website is not listed in any major advertising sites like Yahoo, etc. These sites are just set up to scam people.

We explored mydigitaland and decided to do a price check on one of their cameras. We selected the Canon EOS 5D Mark II Body, and the site quotes the price of £1,738.00 excluding Tax. Then we did a check at Amazon and the quoted price was £2,089.94 excluding Tax, and after a discount from the original price of £2,299.99.

Although mydigitaland quoted a lower price, it does not appear to be significantly low to say that the deal is “too good to be true”.

===Issue is Updated Dec 09===

The money has been returned after 3 months. Case is Closed!

===Issue is Updated Dec 12===

As noted on some other review sites, although the service may not be the most efficient at that time, we have yet to see any official reports from news/authorities to conclude any fraud. After all these years, we are used to crappy complaints from customers – If you have any real evidence, suggest to report to the authorities rather than trying to spread online. Most dodgy sites do not last so long.

Note: We are not affiliated to the store.


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